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Jacob had my endorsement when presented his vision of free market healthcare describing how America had the world’s best healthcare system where in his hometown of Laredo,TX, wealthy Doctors routinely provided affordable healthcare to patients who they knew couldn’t pay.
I have long hoped for a presidential candidate like Jacob who could inspire the American people to once again believe in Liberty.
Libertarian intellectual Jacob Hornberger is the new hope for Liberty.

Chris Hibbard

Candidate for Texas State Representative of House District 92

Jacob's unwavering commitment to ending the racist War on Drugs convinced me to endorse and support his campaign. His willingness to go door to door in neglected and ignored minority neighborhoods here in North Carolina touched my heart. As a local candidate, I look forward to campaigning shoulder to shoulder with Jacob, visiting the poorest minority communities here in Cabarrus County. I truly believe Jacob and his campaign team are in the best position to carry our party's message of freedom forward once this nomination process is finished. I have been a member of the Libertarian Party since 1998. Jacob is one of the most principled and well-qualified candidates I have seen to seek this party's nomination. Please join me this weekend and support a true champion of peace and prosperity!

Thomas Hill

Campaign Manager, Lee Wrights for President 2012 Assistant Campaign Manager, Dr. Mary Ruwart for President 2008 2012 Libertarian Party of Illinois Crispus Attucks Award for Libertarian Activist of the Year 2004 Libertarian Party of North Carolina Most Outspoken for Liberty Award 2003 Libertarian Party of North Carolina Most Valued Activist Award

Jacob Hornberger has my endorsement because he has the best grasp on what the Libertarian philosophy is and is not.
He is no late comer to the party, and certainly not a Republican who has joined the party without changing ideology (and will go back to it before the next election cycle.)
Jacob Hornberger has integrity and has taken heat for pointing out financial improprieties in some Libertarian campaign organizations. This makes me respect him all the more.

Bill Kalles

Former Vice Chair and current Treasurer of the Mississippi State Libertarian Party

I endorse Jacob Hornberger for president due to his ability spread the message of liberty and his strict adherance to the principles of liberty.

Corey Bandy

Jacob Hornberger has fully converted me from a classical liberal/centrist into a full blown libertarian. If he can pull that off, I can’t even begin to imagine how many anti-establishment converts he can get if given a national platform. He is the closest the Libertarian Party can get to another Ron Paul and can reinvigorate the liberty movement that Ron started in 2008. I would be honored to support and vote for Mr. Hornberger in November.

Morgen Mogus

I want a Libertarian message being presented to the American people, in particular non- voters, Independents, small-l libertarians, and oppressed minority groups. I'm not particularly intrested in trying to convince Traditional R and D voters who are dug into partisanship and only make up 1/3 of all registered voters.
I want to cause the glitch in people's worldview that happened to me in 2015, I want to create more Libertarians, not go after protest votes.
I want a message of Principle that I can enthusiastically rally behind, and that doesnt happen with a soft moderate message.

That is why as a Delegate to the Libertarian Party National Convention, I support Jacob Hornbeger for President.

Matthew Butts

National Delegate, LPMC State Cordinator for California

It's time to bring the spirit of the Ron Paul revolution back to the libertarian party where it belongs. It never should have left to begin with.

Mitchell Wiecek

This guy is the most principled, freedom loving, liberty minded candidate in the race. He not only lives libertarian principles, he knows how to explain them and doesn’t “sugarcoat” principles for votes. America could be America again if Americans were intelligent enough to elect him.

Travis Thompson

As a radical libertarian, I've felt for a long time that the party offered very few options. In a world of Bob Barrs and Bill Welds, Jacob defends libertarian principles unapologetically, regardless of their perceived popularity. As presidential nominee, he gives me a new source of hope to rally around. Undoubtedly, he would be an incredible messenger for the party.

Dave Benner

I truly believe Jacob is the best candidate for our presidency. He never pulls back from real liberty positions and is a fabulous communicator.

Deryl Martin

Secretary/Treasurer LP of TN 1992-1998; LNC representative 1998-2001; LNC Treasurer 2001-2003

I strongly endorse Jacob Hornberger to be our 2020 Presidential candidate. He was awarded the Thomas Paine Award in 1996 for good reason. He is a fantastic public speaker who can motivate people into action for Liberty with his outstanding ability to communicate pure Libertarian principles. I have seen him on Fox News, Fox Business News, heard him on radio and seen him speak numerous times as he was our Key note speaker at four Tennessee State conventions, and a guest speaker at a huge Ron Paul rally hear in Nashville in 2008. Jacob will never come across as a Republican lite or a Democratic lite candidate and will truly give the public a real choice for freedom. We have been disappointed in the recent past with former politicians who temporarily become Libertarian lites to get our nomination then disappoint again in public appearances (2008, 2012, 2016]. Jacob is the Founder and President of the Future of Freedom Foundation, a non-profit libertarian educational foundation, and author/editor of 12 books all bringing the public the case for liberty since 1989. If you are a delegate or alternate please support Jacob Hornberger to represent freedom as our Candidate for President. In liberty, Scott Benson

Scott Benson

Former three term Tennessee State Chairman 1992-1998. 1992 U.S. House Candidate, 6th District. Lifetime Libertarian Party member

Jacob Hornberger is one of the most effective messengers of libertarian ideas I have ever come across and was profoundly influential in my journey towards libertarianism. I truly feel that having Jacob as the standard-bearer for the Libertarian Party will allow us to present a clear, concise, and uncompromising message to libertarians across the country, bringing disaffected libertarians out of the shadow to get involved in the party. This newly-tapped resource will help us grow a solid foundation of unabashed libertarians who will go out into their communities, run for local office or assist local candidates, and promote the idea of liberty at the local level.

Mike Rinaldi

Vice Chair, Libertarian Party of RI

We need a strong, principled, eloquent Libertarian voice representing our party and our ideas at the top of the ticket. Jacob Hornberger has that voice!

Sean Haugh

Former US Senate Candidate

I have been a follower and fan of Jacob for several decades. I support his campaign as I know of no other candidate with his level of commitment to the ideals of liberty. On every issue he is, and has always been, a consistent advocate of the principles of liberty. He can be counted on to uphold these principles that we hold so dearly, and to never be swayed by the political winds. Read his positions on the issues, and read his other numerous writings, and I am sure you will be convinced that he is worthy of your complete support. Jacob is one of the true champions of liberty!

Jim Coffer

President, The Realty Association, Nashville, TN. Libertarian Congressional Candidate (1996, 1998).

Jacob Hornberger is exactly what the Libertarian Party needs! A standard bearer who will effectively spread a uncompromising, principled message of liberty to the American people! I’m proud to endorse Jacob for the libertarian party nomination for president of the United States!

Erik Sawyer

Jacob Hornberger’s principled message is precisely what we need as we work toward a paradigm shift in American political thought.

Sean Crisafulli

Jacob Hornberger's message of principled, uncompromising libertarianism is what is needed to grow the liberty movement. His passion and integrity make him the best choice to represent our party on the big stage that is the presidential race.

Brian Krahling

Chairman of the Frederick County, Maryland Libertarians, LPMD Central Committee Member

I’m coming up on my 6th Presidential election since discovering I was a libertarian. I’ve been to a lot of conventions, and helped nominate 5 candidates out of numerous contenders. We’ve had some great candidates and some great contenders over the years. We’ve also had a couple of stinkers. And some occasional comic relief. I’ve supported some candidates with questionable libertarian credentials, sometimes in the name of pragmatism, sometimes to maintain decorum, and always because they were better than the alternative. Many times I felt like I simply “settled” for a presidential candidate. This year I’m proud to say I don’t have to settle. Jacob Hornberger is a candidate with unquestionable libertarian credentials. He founded the Future of Freedom Foundation over 30 years ago. He has been an outspoken proponent and defender of libertarian values longer than that. With every article that Jacob writes, with every position that he takes, you realize this man is 100% authentically libertarian. I’m a proud supporter of the FFF, and a prouder supporter of Jacob Hornberger in his fight to be the 2020 Libertarian Party candidate for President.

Rex Bell

Former Libertarian Candidate For Indiana Governor

I want a voice that will not make the Libertarian Party seem like it is Republican-lite or Democrat-lite and that is what he will speak to. Jacob is a principled, passionate and steadfast voice for the message of Liberty. That is why I am proud to endorse his candidacy for President of the United States.

Joe Garcia

Chair of the Libertarian Party of Union County, NC

When choosing a candidate I look for the individual most capable of effectively communicating a principled message in a professional and appealing manner. I endorse Jacob Hornberger in the Libertarian Party primary. We must consolidate the Liberty Movement in one party and I believe he is the most capable in this respect, small “l” libertarians, classical liberals, radicals and even pragmatists can unite with Jacob and feel comfortable that issues and aspects of a campaign. An activist is worth a thousand votes, let’s bring us all together, vote Hornberger in the primary today and at convention in May, I will. End the wars, end The Fed, end the war on immigrants, end prohibition, end the IRS, NSA, CIA.

Joseph Howe

Former Chair Libertarian Party of Iowa

Jacob Hornberger is the right man for the job. He delivers a pure and principled message that I’m confident will get more people thinking in a different way and create more libertarians!

Patrick Mitchell

Chair, Victoria County Libertarian Party of Texas

Now that Congressman Justin Amash has dropped out of the race for the White House I am going to promote the wise advice of the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus (LPMC) and endorse Jacob Hornberger for President. Please join me and together we will secure Liberty, Peace, and Prosperity for the future now.

Timothy Wass

Labette County Kansas Libertarian Party Chairman