Buttigieg’s and Moulton’s Misguided Attack on Trump’s Draft Avoidance

Buttigieg’s and Moulton’s Misguided Attack on Trump’s Draft Avoidance

Democrat presidential candidates Pete Buttigieg and Seth Moulton, both veterans of the Pentagon’s forever undeclared wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, are attacking President Trump for avoiding the draft in the Vietnam War. They’re reciting the standard war-statist diatribe that Trump isn’t a “patriot” because he refused to serve his “country” by agreeing to be sent to Vietnam to kill people.

According to the Washington Post, Buttigieg and Moulton are “accusing the president of faking a disability and forcing another American of Trump’s generation to risk his life in the jungles of Southeast Asia.”

Unfortunately for both Buttigieg and Moulton, their attack on Trump misses the mark and instead demonstrates the pathetic deference-to-authority mindset that characterizes these two Democrat presidential candidates.

Suppose the Pentagon announced that it needed 100 Americans to work as slaves on some important man’s plantation in South Carolina. The term of the enslavement would be four years. No pay but free housing healthcare, and food. As soon as the four years of slavery are up, the 100 men would be free to return home to their normal lives.

The Pentagon calls for volunteers, but no one volunteers. Not one single American chooses to be a slave. So, the Pentagon announces that it will simply choose the 100 men who will become slaves. It announces a lottery system in which the names of all men from ages 18-35 will be included.

Before the drawing, several men use connections within the Pentagon to have their names secretly removed from the drawing. On Lottery Day, 100 names are chosen and the winners end up as slaves for four years on the South Carolina plantation.

Now, I know what Buttigieg and Moulton would say. They would say that those men who avoided the slave draft were “unpatriotic” and that they “forced” those 100 men to become slaves.

Buttigieg’s and Moulton’s deference-to-authority mindset prevents them from seeing that the bad guys are not the ones avoiding the slave draft. The bad guys are the Pentagon and everyone else in the federal government who is instituting and enforcing the slave system. Their deference-to-authority mindset also prevents them from seeing that it’s the Pentagon doing the forcing, not the guys who are avoiding the slave draft.

Let’s now change up the scenario. The Pentagon announces that it needs 100 volunteers to go kill people in another country. No American volunteers because no American wants to become a killer. So, the Pentagon announces that it will force 100 American men to “serve their country” by becoming killers. It announces a lottery system whereby 100 men are to be selected at random to go abroad and kill people.

Several American men figure out ways to avoid becoming killers for the Pentagon. The Pentagon holds its lottery and seizes the 100 men whose names are drawn.

No, Pete and Seth, the bad guys are not the ones who avoided becoming involuntary killers of foreigners. And they aren’t the ones who “forced” those 100 men who were drafted to become the killers. The bad guys are the people in the Pentagon and the rest of the federal government who forced Americans to become killers of foreigners.

And no, the American men who are forced to go abroad to kill people are not serving their country, as the two of your have been indoctrinated to believe. They are serving the Pentagon, the entity that seized them and forced them to go abroad and kill people. Believe it or not, the Pentagon is not America.

There is something else to consider: the Pentagon’s war in Vietnam and, for that matter, its wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, have all been illegal under our form of government, given that they all have lacked the congressional declaration of war required by the U.S. Constitution, something that both Buttigieg and Moulton swore to uphold and defend. How do the two of you reconcile that sworn oath with your decision to blindly follow illegal orders to wage undeclared wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Instead of blindlu following orders, why didn’t you all fulfill your oath to support and defend the Constitution by refusing to deploy?

Also, keep in mind something else: None of the dead in Iraq and most of the dead in Afghanistan had absolutely nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. Under what moral authority did any U.S. soldier kill any of those people? Obedience to orders?

The thing about pointing their finger at Trump for avoiding the draft is that there are three more fingers pointing back at Buttigieg and Moulton for killing people illegally and for blindly following the orders of their superiors.