Trump-Biden Drug-War Hypocrisy

Trump-Biden Drug-War Hypocrisy

President Trump’s attacks on Democratic Party presidential frontrunner Joe Biden on the drug war reveals the deep hypocrisy that pervades both Republicans and Democrats.

Trump is pointing out that Biden was vice-president when the feds enacted draconian measures to win, once and for all, the decades-old war on drugs. The adverse effect of the crackdown fell disproportionately on African Americans, many of whom ended up having their lives ruined by being forced to spend a large portion of their lives in a federal penitentiary, away from their families and their communities.

Does that mean that Republicans have been angels in all this racist drug-war mayhem? Are you kidding? Trump and his Republic cohorts have been even fiercer proponents of the war on drugs than the Democrats.

What boggles my mind is why any African-American would even consider voting for Trump, Biden, or any other proponent of the drug war, especially given that it is the most bigoted federal program since segregation, maybe even worse. Under segregation, Republicans and Democrats used the force of government to keep the races separate, but at least they let blacks remain in the community. With the drug war, they have removed many blacks entirely from the community and relocated them to faraway cages, where they have been forced to waste a large portion of their lives. In this regard, I recommend a great book entitled The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by the noted African-American scholar Michelle Alexander.

Oh sure, Biden and some of his Democratic presidential cohorts are implying that they would consider legalizing marijuana. Yeah, only because they see the political winds shifting because of the efforts that we libertarians have made during the past several decades toward drug legalization. Or they simply see it as a way to fatten the coffers of the state through more tax revenues.

But notice something important: All of these candidates, Republican and Democrat alike, favor keeping the drug war going at least with respect to other illicit drugs, such as meth, cocaine, heroin, and opioids. They just don’t get it: Any society in which government officials are punishing people for ingesting harmful substances is not a free society. It is not a coincidence that drug laws are found in North Korea, China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

There is but one solution to this evil, immoral, destructive, corrupt, and racially bigoted war: End it entirely and end it at once, just as our ancestors did with alcohol Prohibition. For that, people need to look to us libertarians.