In the spring and summer of 2019, I traveled to eight Libertarian Party state conventions and attended seven of them. (I caught a bug in Michigan, which prevented me from attending that convention, even though I was in the hotel!) I had a great time at all eight conventions. It felt like old times back in the 1990s, when I was speaking at several state LP conventions annually.

At all but one of the conventions, I delivered a talk entitled “Adhering to Principle Is Everything,” in which I emphasized how important it is for the “party of principle” to adhere to libertarian principles in its political campaigns.

The following is a synopsis of my talk to the attendees at those conventions:

We are not Republicans, and we are not Democrats. We are also not Republican-lites, and we are not Democrat-lites. We are not “socially liberal and economically conservative.” We are libertarians, and we need to fight as libertarians!

We live in a dysfunctional society, one in which there are soaring suicide rates, especially among young people, massive alcoholism and drug addiction, and mass killings for unexplainable reasons.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone, given the dysfunctional welfare-warfare state way of life that Republicans and Democrats have foisted upon our land. Republicans and Democrats both need to be taken to account for what they have done to our country with their system of mandated socialist charity, massive taxation, immoral and racially bigoted drug war, forever foreign wars, undeclared wars, wars of aggression and endless occupations, war on terrorism, torture, assassination, secret mass surveillance, national-security statism, interventionism, imperialism, monetary debasement, infringements on civil liberties, intrusions on privacy, trade wars, sanctions, embargoes, alliances with dictatorial regimes, foreign aid (i.e., bribery), coups, war on immigrants, managed and regulated economy, and out-of-control federal spending and debt, all which have brought death, suffering, economic and financial harm, and destruction of liberty to our land as well as to people in other parts of the world.

If we Libertarians continue adhering to principle, we have the potential of leading America out of the statist morass into which Republicans and Democrats have plunged our nation. By adhering to principle, we have the chance to lead our nation, and indirectly the world, to the highest reaches of freedom, peace, prosperity, harmony, and morality that mankind has ever seen.

Thank you to the organizers and attendees at all the state conventions I attended for the friendliness, kindness, and courtesy you showed me. It was an honor and a pleasure to exchange ideas on liberty with you all.

Posted below are some photographs from the eight LP state conventions I recently attended.


2019 Georgia LP State Convention



2019 Alabama LP State Convention



2019 Iowa LP State Convention



2019 California LP State Convention



2019 Colorado LP State Convention



2019 Florida LP State Convention




2019 North Carolina LP State Convention



2019 Massachusetts  LP State Convention