After I declared my candidacy for the 2020 Libertarian Party presidential nomination at the South Carolina state LP convention on November 2, I did not return home to Virginia. Instead, I headed to North Carolina, where I remained for the next five days. 
Because I want to win the North Carolina Libertarian Party primary. And I want to win it big. 
Will you help me?
Owing to the success of the Libertarian Party, the LP has earned the right to participate in primaries in certain states, just like Democrats and Republicans. You can check out the list of such states on Wikipedia here.
North Carolina is one of those states. 
Ninety days before the March 3 primary, the North Carolina Libertarian Party is required to submit a list of the LP presidential candidates to state election officials. That means that LP presidential candidates will be on the primary ballot in North Carolina on Super Tuesday, March 3.
Since the LP selects its delegates by convention, the primary will not be binding on the delegates. Nonetheless, I want to win it. And I want to win it big.
Every independent voter in North Carolina is entitled to vote in the Libertarian Party primary. I’m reaching out to those independent voters to come over and vote for me in our primary.
That’s what I’ve been doing in North Carolina this week, and it is what I intend to continue doing. 
In the age of social media, I’m doing some good old-fashioned retail politicking, talking to people face to face about my positions on such burning issues as the drug war, the war on immigrants, gun control, healthcare, foreign policy, and monetary policy.

Last Sunday, one day after the South Carolina convention, I rented a table at a gun show in Concord, North Carolina, where I displayed poster-sized signs about my candidacy, along with a poster-sized picture of FFF’s book The Tyranny of Gun Control. I distributed campaign brochures to people who walked by my booth, and I engaged in conversations with many people about the critical importance of gun rights to a free society.
On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I visited 12 newspapers in different cities, just to introduce myself. After I introduced myself to one editor, she invited me into her conference room for a more extensive discussion. After summarizing my position on immigration (open borders), she excused herself and returned with her publisher. After an extensive conversation, they invited me to return for an interview with the paper. The interview is scheduled for later this month.
At another paper, I explained my position on the drug war (legalize all drugs) to a person at the front desk. After a few minutes, she stopped me and summoned two other people to participate in our discussion. They told me that they are on the same page as I am regarding the drug war. In fact, they were running a story on the horrors of the drug war in their very next issue. I will be asking for their their endorsement next February.

I also have a meeting scheduled in December with an African American minister in Concord, to explain my position on the drug war, in the hopes of securing speaking opportunities before African-American audiences
In 2016, Donald Trump won the North Carolina GOP primary with 458,151 votes. Hillary Clinton won the North Carolina Democratic primary with 616,383 votes. Gary Johnson won the North Carolina Libertarian primary with 2,414 votes.
I want to win the 2020 North Carolina Libertarian primary. But I want to do more than that. I want to win it BIG!
I need help. I’m running a low-cost, guerrilla campaign but I still have expenses — campaign brochures (I need lots of them!), gasoline, gun-show tables, motels, meals, website, and more.
Will you help me? A $100 donation will go a long way. A $25 or $50 donation would be greatly appreciated. One thing is for sure: Your money is being invested directly in the spread of sound libertarian principles among the people of North Carolina.

Please visit my campaign website at today and make a donation today or simply send me a check (Jacob Hornberger for President, P.O. Box 4606, Broadlands, VA 20148). And please ask your friends and family members to do the same. 
Also, please share the link to this article as widely as you can.
Thank you!
Yours in liberty,