Impeachment Brouhaha Shows How the Sausage Is Made

Impeachment Brouhaha Shows How the Sausage Is Made

The mainstream media’s reaction to the Trump impeachment brouhaha reminds me of the movie Casablanca. The local constable blows his whistle in Rick’s establishment, announces that the business is now closed, and orders the customers to leave. Rick approaches him and asks why. The constable says to him, “I’m shocked, shocked, to find that gambling is going on in here.” At that very moment, one of Rick’s employees approaches the constable, hands him a wad of cash, and says, “Your winnings, sir.” The constable responds, “Oh, thank you very much.”

That’s the same response of the mainstream that the media is giving with respect to President Trump’s supposed “quid pro quo,” where he supposedly threatened to withhold $400 million in U.S. foreign aid unless the Ukrainian regime initiated an investigation to determine whether Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was involved in corrupt activities in Ukraine.

The media’s response? “We’re shocked — shocked! — that foreign aid is being used in such a manner.”

Come on! Give me a break! Everyone knows that that is precisely how foreign aid works. The media’s shocked response to what Trump has supposedly done is fake and false. 

In 1990, the George H.W. Bush regime wanted to go to war against the U.S. government’s old partner and ally, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Rather than seek a declaration of war from Congress, as the Constitution requires, Bush instead went to the United Nations for permission to wage his war. 

When Yemen voted against the U.S. request, the U.S. ambassador to the UN declared, “That will be the most expensive ‘no’ vote you will ever cast.” U.S. officials immediately canceled $70 million in foreign aid to Yemen.

Was Bush impeached? Of course not! Everyone understands that that is how foreign aid operates. Those who follow the dictates of the U.S. Empire get their moolah — lots of moolah. Those who don’t follow orders, get their moolah canceled or never receive it in the first place.

Of course, no one calls it bribery because there is no formal “quid pro quo.” It’s all based on an implied understanding of how the process works. As a 2017 article published by the Inter Press Service put it, “The unwritten rule, exercised off and on, warns: if you don’t play ball with us, we will penalize you by reducing or cutting off aid.”

Trump’s real “crime”

Which brings us to Trump’s “crime.” His “crime” is that he has exposed how the sausage is made. That’s his real no-no. It’s okay to play the game. All presidents play the game. But it’s not okay to show people how the game is played. 

What is the right approach to U.S. foreign aid? Is it to impeach presidents who, by their actions, expose the corrupt nature of foreign aid? Of course not. Corruption is built into the program whether it is exposed or not.

Instead, the right approach is to terminate all foreign aid immediately. Why should hard-pressed Americans be forced to “donate” a portion of their income to foreign regimes, especially dictatorial ones in which public officials simply pocket the money? Why should foreign aid be contributing to the increasing mountain of federal debt ($23 trillion and growing)? Why should the American people be forced to participate in one of the most crooked and corrupt welfare-state programs of the federal government, one that Democrats, Republicans, and the mainstream press continue to support, so long as presidents don’t reveal how the sausage is made.