Repeal Medicare Immediately

Repeal Medicare Immediately

While the current slate of Libertarian Party presidential candidates shares the same overall libertarian philosophy, there are inevitably going to be differences in positions regarding specific issues. 

One of these issues is healthcare, which is one of the burning issues of our time, one that affects every American and that will be one of the signature issues in the general-election presidential campaign. 

My position on healthcare is different from other LP presidential candidates, at least the six who participated in the presidential debate at the South Carolina LP convention on Saturday, November 2. 

Although I declared my candidacy for the 2020 Libertarian Party presidential nomination at that convention, unfortunately I did not qualify for the presidential debate that evening because the debate rules required presidential candidates to have declared their candidacy by October 1. 

Nonetheless, I attended and watched the debate.

The debate moderator, Matt Welch, asked a simple and direct but critically important question to each of the candidates: “What would you do with Medicare?”

If I had been included in the debate, i would have responded, without hesitation, with a simple three-word answer: “Repeal it immediately.”

Not one of the six candidates on stage answered in that way. All of their answers came in the form of some sort of reform, which, of course, leaves this socialist program intact.

Adam Kokesh proposed shifting Medicare to state and local governments.

Vermin Supreme maintained that Medicare is a “contract.” He said uphold it and “privatize” it.

Kim Ruff said Medicare is a commitment and that we should keep it to those who are entitled to it. But she would bar new entrants and “privatize” it.

Jo Jorgenson answered that healthcare costs be cut so that expenses go down.

Don Berhman proposed making it legal to import certain medicines.

Kenneth Armstrong said he opposed Medicare for All. He criticized the federal mountain of debt.

Again, not one single of them said: “Repeal Medicare immediately.” Instead, their answers all revolved around maintaining the continued existence of this socialist program and reforming it in one way or another.

Today, millions of Americans are suffering from out-of-control healthcare costs. Many people are not paying their healthcare bills because they just don’t have the money to do so. Some of them are being sent into bankruptcy.

The root cause of America’s healthcare crisis is Medicare. Prior to the enactment of this socialist program by liberal icon Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s, America had the finest healthcare system in history, one where healthcare costs were stable and low. In fact, hardly anyone had major-medical insurance. Going to the doctor was like going to the grocery store. Medical innovations were soaring. Doctors loved what they were doing in life. Physicians and hospitals were providing free healthcare to the poor, on a voluntary basis.

Medicare destroyed America’s healthcare system. That’s when healthcare costs began skyrocketing. That’s when the entire healthcare system began getting strangled. That’s when doctors began hating their profession and retiring early. 

Medicare was never a contract or promise. From the very beginning, it was a socialist welfare-state program, one by which the IRS forcibly takes money from people to whom it belongs and gives it to people to whom it does not belong. It is no different in principle from farm subsidies, corporate grants and bailouts, food stamps, foreign aid, and other socialist programs. 

Medicare is the root cause of America’s healthcare crisis. It is a cancer on the body politic. You don’t reform, localize, or “privatize” cancer. You get rid of it.

The free market produces the best of everything. It is the only cure for America’s decades-long healthcare crisis. 

Let’s leave reform of infringements on liberty to Republicans and Democrats. We libertarians want freedom and a healthy society. Repeal Medicare immediately.