Donald Trump, Interventionist

Donald Trump, Interventionist

President Trump’s top-secret, middle-of-the-night, Thanksgiving trip to Afghanistan only goes to show the entire pathetic nature of U.S. interventionism.

Just think: the Pentagon and the CIA have had 18 long years to convert Afghanistan into a paradise of freedom, peace, stability, and prosperity. No one has tied their hands. For almost two decades, they have had carte blanche to kill as many people as they want, drop as many bombs as they desire, and inflict whatever destruction they wish.

And yet, here is the president of the United States having to scurry about in the darkness of night so that no one will discover that he is traveling to visit the troops in that god-forsaken country to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving. To keep his trip top-secret, Trump secretly flew in a military transport from Florida to Washington in the dead of night and then secretly flew to Afghanistan, even while his aides were sending out tweets in his name so that no one would discover where he was going.

Why all the secrecy? Because Trump obviously concluded that the paradise that the Pentagon and the CIA have created in Afghanistan is actually one of danger, violence, death, and destruction.

Thus, Trump obviously decided that discretion was the better part of valor. After all, those Taliban are bad hombres. Trump wasn’t taking any chances. That’s the reason for all that secrecy and also why Trump decided to stay only 3 hours in Afghanistan and then quickly return to the United States, before those bad hombres could discover that the U.S. commander-in-chief of America’s armed forces was in the country.

Dying for nothing

Unfortunately, the troops didn’t have that same option. Instead of bringing them home with him, as he has promised to do since before he was even elected, Trump left them there to continue fighting against those bad hombres. Oh sure, more U.S. soldiers will be killed over the next several months, but hey, that’s war, right?

Well, yeah, but the question is: What will they be dying for? The answer is: Nothing, nothing at all.

Rather than bring the troops home with him, Trump announced that he is resuming talks with the Taliban. Big deal. That just means that more U.S. troops will be dying for nothing while all that talking is taking place. Instead of talking to the Taliban, Trump should be ordering the Pentagon to bring every U.S soldier home now. Eighteen years of killing and dying for nothing is enough.

Trump’s interventionism

After three years of the Donald Trump administration, it has become painfully clear that despite all the pretty rhetoric about ending America’s “forever wars,” Donald Trump has turned out to be every bit an interventionist as his predecessors were.

Has Trump pulled the troops out of Afghanistan? No.

Has Trump pulled the troops out of Iraq? No.

Has Trump pulled the troops out of Syria? No.

Has Trump pulled the troops out of Africa? No.

Has Trump pulled the troops out of Korea? No.

Has Trump pulled the troops out of Europe? No.

Has Trump pulled the troops out of Latin America? No.

Has Trump stopped supporting the Saudi death machine in Yemen? No. In fact, he has actually sent U.S. troops into Saudi Arabia to help one of the most brutal and murderous regimes in the world protect its oil fields.

Moreover, during the three years of his administration, Trump has threatened war with North Korea and Iran. And now he’s threatening to send troops into Mexico to fight the decades-long, failed, destructive, and racially bigoted war on drugs.

The Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Trump regime is just further proof that there isn’t any difference in principle between Republican and Democrat administrations. It is just one long interventionist regime.