Democrats and Republicans Are Responsible for America’s Culture of Violence

Democrats and Republicans Are Responsible for America’s Culture of Violence

The principal justification that the Democratic presidential candidates use to justify their gun-control schemes is the high level of violence in American society. What they don’t realize — and perhaps don’t want to realize — is that their very own programs are the root cause of the violence that they use as the excuse for disarming the American people. 

The first root cause of violence in America is the drug war, a program that has long been supported by Democrats and, for that matter, Republicans. In fact, President Trump himself is one of the most vociferous proponents of the drug war. If he wins reelection, that automatically means four more years of this evil, immoral, destructive, corrupt, deadly, and racially bigoted government program.

The drug war has brought into existence drug cartels, drug gangs, and drug lords, along with the massive violence that those people bring with them. Without drug illegality, those groups wouldn’t exist because they couldn’t compete against pharmacies, pharmaceuticals, and other providers in a legitimate drug market. Drug legalization would put them out of business immediately. No more violence there. 

There is also the exorbitant black market prices that come with the drug war. Drug users and drug addicts can’t afford those prices. Thus, they resort to robberies, muggings, and thefts to get the money to pay for the artificially inflated prices. Drug legalization would cause drug prices to plummet, which would eliminate all that violence.

The second root cause of violence in America is the culture of violence that the Pentagon and the CIA have brought to the Middle East and Afghanistan. It has been going on now for decades. Tens of thousands of people killed with bullets, bombs, missiles, and drone assassinations. It’s all about the “right” of the Pentagon and the CIA to intervene and meddle in the affairs of other nations. None of the victims has ever invaded the United States. Even the 9/11 attacks, which were used as the justification for invading Afghanistan, were nothing more than retaliatory strikes for U.S. interventionism abroad, not an attempt to invade and conquer the United States.

Last year, President Trump authorized his army to drop more bombs on Afghanistan than any other year since 2006, when the Pentagon started keeping track of bombs dropped in that country. According to the Washington Post, last year the Pentagon dropped 7,423 bombs on the country, an eightfold increase from 2015.

How can Trump’s ardent, cult-like supporters not feel at least some disappointment in their leader? Remember: This is the man who campaigned on a platform of ending the “endless wars.” That’s why lots of people voted for him. Yet, here he is — no different from George W. Bush and Barack Obama and doing the same thing that Hillary Clinton would have done if she had been elected president instead of him.

Consider the fact that Trump is adding $1 trillion more to the federal government’s debt every year. This is the man who campaigned on a platform of reining in federal spending. Yet, here he is — spending as much money, if not more, than Hillary Clinton would have spent if she had been elected president. 

How can that not disappoint even the most ardent, cult-like supporters of the president, especially given that he’s spending millions of dollars on all those bombs that he is dropping on the people of Afghanistan?

How can that Pentagon-CIA culture of violence in the Middle East not have an adverse effect on culture here at home? I submit that the spree of irrational mass killings here at home are a direct copycat consequence of the culture of violence that both Democrats and Republicans have brought to the world. 

Let’s end the drug war and let’s bring all the troops home from everywhere and discharge them. Violence in America would plummet, which would deprive those Democrat presidential candidates of their principal excuse for taking away our guns. That would be a major step in a different direction for America — one that points to liberty, peace, prosperity, and harmony with the people of the world.