As I pointed out in Part 1 of this series, both conservatives and libertarian-leaning conservatives are known for their pro-freedom mantras, the most popular of which is “free enterprise, private property, and limited government.” 
Another favorite mantra is: “The national debt constitutes a grave threat to our national security.”
Sure enough, on Congressman Amash’s congressional website, he states, “Justin believes government overspending is one of the biggest threats to our economic health and national security.”
Yes, the mantras are great. The problem, however, is that neither Republicans nor Republican-lites can ever be counted on to adhere to them. Inevitably, they end up caving. No one would ever think of calling the Republican Party “the party of principle.”
Donald Trump campaigned for president declaiming against the skyrocketing federal spending and debt brought about by President Obama and those big-spending Democrats. 
Yet, even before the coronavirus crisis, big spender President Trump was adding $1 trillion of new federal debt each year of his term in office. Would big spender Democrat Hillary Clinton have done worse than that?
Then the coronavirus crisis hit and, not surprisingly, both Republicans and libertarian-leaning Republicans, working with their Democrat big-spending counterparts, have caved in masse. Working together in bipartisanship, they are now jointly the biggest spenders in U.S. history. 
$2 trillion in bailout and welfare money! Where did they get all that money? Were they hiding under their bed? And that’s not all! The federal spending during this crisis is expected to reach $6 trillion before it is all over!
Libertarian-leaning conservative Justin Amash was right there with them. Rather than take a firm stand against the entirely stimulus package, Congressman Amash decided to settle for voting “Present” when the stimulus bill came up for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives.
It turns out that while Congressman Amash was against the corporate bailout portions of the stimulus bill, he was all in favor of sending $1,200 federal checks to American adults and $500 to American children — and not just on a one-time basis but instead for three months and, no doubt, possibly even longer if circumstances required it. 
Amash’s big spending plan wasn’t as good as what big spending Democrats Andrew Yang and Alejandra Ocasio Cortez would have favored, but it was certainly on the same track.
Where did Amash think that the federal government was getting all that free money? He hasn’t said. But given his libertarian leanings, he has a sound understanding of Austrian economics. As such, he knows exactly how the federal government is pulling off this financial magic act. 
In a Reason interview several years ago, Amash expressed familiarity with the works of Frederic Bastiat, the 19th-century free-market legislator who is famous among libertarians. In The Law, Bastiat pointed out that the state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.
Amash knows full well that the federal government is either borrowing the money to fund those “free” checks to the American people, thereby adding more trillions of dollars to the federal government’s debt load, or the Federal Reserve is simply printing the money, which means massive inflationary debasement of the currency that will end up wiping out the income and savings of millions of Americans.
This is the time for libertarian leadership, not for standard Republican and Republican-lite caving. This is the time for libertarians to be standing up and pointing out what these big-spending Republicans and Democrats are doing to the American people. They are plundering and looting Americans with their massive crooked and corrupt “stimulus” package.
This is the time for libertarians to be pointing out the role of the Federal Reserve in all this — to serve as the loyal crooked and corrupt agent of the big spenders in Washington, both Republican and Democrat, by enabling the biggest inflationary spending spree in U.S. history, one that will inevitably destroy the money, income, and savings of millions of Americans, just as the Fed has done for decades.
Now is the time for libertarians to be leading the nation out of this economic and financial morass by standing four-square against all this destructive big-spending nonsense. Now is the time for libertarians to be explaining why we have been saying for years, “End the Fed!”
Alas, not for Congressman Amash. After almost two years of struggling to decide whether he should come into our party and seek our party’s presidential nomination, he has finally signaled his intent to do so. He wants to be our presidential nominee so that he can get our vote totals up by telling people that he, like President Trump, along with his big spending Republican and Democrat cohorts, favored sending them free federal money during the coronavirus crisis.
Meanwhile, the libertarian-leaning conservative Amash has returned to his mantras. Two days ago, he tweeted, “Our national debt is skyrocketing.”