Online Libertarian Party state conventions were recently held in three states — Oklahoma, Kansas, and Utah. 

I finished in first place in straw polls at all three conventions.

Last week, Connecticut held a Libertarian Party primary election. I finished in first place there.

Thank you to all of you Libertarians in Oklahoma, Kansas, Utah, and Connecticut. It is a big honor to win your vote of confidence. I only wish we could have gotten together personally in state conventions so that you all could charge up my Libertarian batteries! 

These four wins now add to our first-place finishes in straw polls at state conventions in California, Florida, Arkansas, Indiana, Virginia, Montana (tie), along with Libertarian Party primary election wins in North Carolina, California, Missouri, and New York, as well as caucus wins in Iowa, Minnesota, and Ohio. 

We have three weeks to go until the national nominating convention. Let’s push through the lines of our opposition and carry this ball across the goal line!