Ever since Democrats and Republicans enacted a system of immigration controls for the United States, there has been an ongoing, never-ending immigration crisis. That shouldn’t surprise anyone because immigration controls are nothing more than a variation of socialist central planning. The government purports to centrally plan the movements of millions of people in a complex, constantly shifting labor market. Like with other socialist schemes, the result is what the famed economist Ludwig von Mises called “planned chaos.”

To address the perpetual crisis that immigration controls have engendered, Democrats and Republicans have, over the years, enacted a series of immigration reforms, all of which have failed to resolve the ever-growing crisis and instead have served to produce an immigration police state, especially in the American Southwest.

Domestic highway checkpoints. Roving Border Patrol stops and searches. Warrantless federal trespasses onto ranches and farms. Warrantless searches on Greyhound busses. Forced deportations. Violent raids on private businesses. Forcible separation of children from parents. Tear gas on people seeking refugee status. A Berlin Wall. Eminent domain stealing people’s property along the border, And, of course, lots of death and suffering, not to mention the massive infringements on the liberty and privacy of the American people.

There is one —and only one — solution to the immigration morass in which our nation is mired: economic liberty and free markets. That necessarily means open immigration — the free movements of people across international borders, in the same way that people freely cross state borders within the United States.

Moreover, open immigration, which was the immigration system of our American ancestors for more than 100 years, is the only system that is consistent with religious, moral, and ethical principles.



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